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Inspired conversations with Strengths-based coach Murray Guest. Exploring strengths and living an inspired life through conversations that matter.
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Episode 25 – Heidi Convery

In this episode I have the privilege of chatting to Heidi Convery, a fellow Strengths Coach whose passion is putting purpose back in the workplace.

Episode 24 – TyAnn Osborn

TyAnn and I discuss how to really live your strengths in both the workplace and in life. We cover topics from strengths based leadership to energy vampires to changing your environment to gain deeper perspective and resourcefulness.

Episode 23 – Becky Hammond

Becky Hammond is a fellow Strengths Coach that lives and breathes Strengths and the power and perspective they bring, not just in the workplace but with parenting too.

Episode 22 – Leanne Hughes

Episode 22 brings Leanne’s insights on everything from making the leap from corporate to solopreneurship to driving influential and contagious experiences in workshops.

Episode 21 – Murray Guest

On this solo episode, Murray is inspired by magnetic fields and how these can mimic the environment of the application of our training and development.

Episode 20 – Alexandria Joy

In this episode, AJ and I delve deep into making change in the long game, knowing how to keep your own (inspired) energy on track and the steps to mastering leadership.

Episode 19 – Tammy Guest

In this episode I catch up with the awesome and inspiring Tammy Guest. We talk about Tammy’s passion to help 7,000 health practitioners, help 7,000 clients improve their health and well-being.

Episode 18 – Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan helps leaders and their tribes to create an environment, culture and conversations that change people’s lives. We discuss how to support a colleague in distress, how to encourage an R U OK culture in the workplace, and simple rituals you can do to increase wellbeing and effectiveness.

Episode 17 – Jenni Walke

In this episode Jenni and I discuss the bigger picture in business, why systems and structures are so important for growth, and the importance of never losing sight of your values and your why.

Episode 16 – David Conley

In this episode, Dave Conley and I discuss unconscious habits and the very small steps we can take to change these, how to adopt radical self-care as the foundation for lifelong happiness plus the steps he took in rebooting his life after tragedy.

Episode 15 – Lisa Cummings

Lisa is the CEO of Lead Through Strengths, and in this episode we discuss busyness in business, how she can successfully work virtually whilst still honouring her clients’ strengths, and how to inspire energy and team culture with a remote workforce.

Episode 14 – Doug Bacon

In this episode, Doug and I discuss how to tap into your mid-lower strengths, the scalability of your business, leveraging your strengths with the strengths of your colleagues plus how important it is to hire people with complementary strengths and talents.