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Why focus on Strengths?

The key to your success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life. We truly believe this, have experienced personally the impact of knowing, developing and apply our strengths and witnessed it with the thousands of people we’ve worked with individually or in teams.

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Do you know your Strengths?

Join over 21 million people who’ve embraced who they really are. Finding out your Top 5 Strengths using the Gallup Strengths Finder is the first step. Once completed, we’d love to work with you to help you truly unlock your strengths for your professional success and to achieve your personal goals.


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Consciously Applying Your Strengths

What does it mean to consciously apply your dominant Strengths?I often explore with clients ways to dial up and dial down their Strengths - in different situations, with different tasks or in different relationships - and how are they being more aware and intentional...

My Word for 2020

I’m not sure where the concept of having a word for the year started, however a few years ago I was inspired by friends and colleagues, who had found it helpful. The aim is to identify a word to underpin and motivate your approach in the year to help you achieve your...

Ten Ways to Create and Cultivate an Inspired Team Culture

It’s now April and the excitement of the new year and the goal achieving focus for the first quarter can be starting to wear off, particularly in the workplace. Often teams can feel lacking and uninspired, so here are ten tips to boost focus, productivity, engagement...

Bringing Strengths to Life

Training transfer is the process of integrating into the workplace the learnings from training sessions, online courses, conferences etc. For any training to be effective, there needs to be a practical application of the insights, skills and tools into the workplace....