About Us

We Partner with organisations to achieve strengths based solutions. We facilitate developing effective leaders, engaged teams, drive cultural change and sustainable growth.

We are passionate about working with people dedicated to making a change in the world, inspiring others and having fun along the way. We do this through strategic partnerships, consultation, 1:1 coaching, workshops and online programs.

Combining over 20 years experience of leading change in large organisations, we have the knowledge of how to inspire others and a belief that everybody should have the opportunity to be the most successful they can be. 

Murray Guest

Passionate about Inspiring others – business coach, facilitator

Thoughtful, analytical and energetically aware, Murray has over 15 years’ experience in manufacturing and 8 years in Learning and Development, leading teams and driving change. This has provided him with a strong business acumen and plenty of insights of what works and what doesn’t to share!

An experienced coach, leader, facilitator and business development manager, Murray has led a number of projects and cultural change initiatives in large organisations. He has partnered with many clients to develop measurable improvements in leadership, culture, safety and operational performance. His diverse background provides a depth of understanding and experience, enabling him to feel at home in any situation.

Passionate about continuous improvement and helping others be as successful as possible, Murray brings an amazing blend of big business learnings into small business practicalities. It’s these combined passions with his generous energy that sees Murray effortlessly leading others to find success and fulfilment in their business and personal lives.

“Murray is an exceptional leadership and strengths based professional, but more than that he is an exceptional human.”

Qualifications & Education

Strengths Coach (Gallup), 2015
Speakers Fast-Trak, 2014
Six Sigma Green Belt (Rio Tinto), 2011
Diploma of Management, 2011
Cert IV – Front Line Management, 2010
Team Management Profile (TMS), 2007
Team Performance Profile, Strategic Team Development
Profile, Linking Skills Profile (TMS), 2015
Productivity Ninja Certified (2015)
Cert IV – Training and Assessment, 2010

Books & Publications



Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation

I’m so excited to be a co-author of the best selling book, Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of coaching transformation, where I share my journey to becoming a Gallup certified strengths coach and the impact I’ve seen in people’s lives.


Inspired Energy Podcast

Inspired conversations with Strengths-based coach Murray Guest. Exploring strengths and living an inspired life through conversations that matter.