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Murray has been an accredited Team Management Profile (TMP) facilitator since 2007. During this time, through fun and engaging experiential workshops and coaching, Murray has helped hundreds of leaders and team members develop a greater understanding of their own work preferences and the work preferences of the people they lead and work with.

Inspire My Business is passionate about partnering with organisations to create cultures where leaders feel inspired and teams are engaged. Our TMP based Workshops are fun, engaging and experiential, creating deeper connections, understanding and work place application which leads to improved culture and performance.

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development. Since 1985, the TMP has successfully delivered a framework for creating and sustaining high performing teams for many of the world’s most successful organisations.
The TMP is about learning, not just assessment. It identifies eight core activities (Types of Work), mapped against four work preference measures (RIDO Scale) which combine to create an individual’s unique Team Management Profile.

The advantages of understanding a team member’s Profile include…

  1. Being able to identify a person’s strengths and work preferences
  2. A greater self-awareness and strategies to improve performance
  3. Helping people understand why they work the way they do
  4. Providing a common language for teams to communicate with
  5. Enabling leaders to successfully and confidently assign people to projects and tasks
  6. Delivering objective, constructive and work-focussed insights.

Murray has been accredited as a Team Management Profile (TMP) facilitator for over 10 years, working with dozens of teams and hundreds of individuals understand their work preferences. This is has led to greater leadership, teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Additionally, team members have developed an improved appreciation for each other and valuing the ways of working with each other.

Murray is also accredited in the TMS tools:

  • Team Performance Profile
  • Strategic Team Development Profile
  • Linking Skills Profile.

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