What our clients are saying…


There was a need to have my large geographically dispersed teams, at SA Power Networks, discuss Safety at the start of each workday. The first person I engaged was Murray to assist in developing and implementing a program of work to have everyone talking safety and sharing key learning’s.
Murray has an ability to engage all levels of business and his authenticity allowed for a quick roll-out of daily toolbox across the state by being relevant to the people who are actually doing the work. He continues to coach trades, supervisors and managers and his approach is responsible for an improvement in Safety culture.

Peter Marshall

Manager Operations Delivery, Metro

I cannot think of a better person than Murray to role model the values of customer service, safety and diligence.
He is extremely impressive as the face of his organisation and is energetic in delivering on client expectations and resolving anything standing in the way of excellence.
Any organisation dealing in safety culture would gain from working with Murray.

Andy Taylor

Former Safety Culture Change Lead, Sydney Trains

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality, to lift a person’s vision and performance to a higher standard.
This is indeed what Murray achieved for our Company in providing our leadership the vision and awareness of their strengths and abilities. Murray was able to provide the leaders and senior management, the passion to excel, to recognise their individual talents, and to capitalise on them.
Murray was able to work with the leaders and senior management to understand, how to create a clear vision and to turn the individual into a special type of person.

Catherine Miller

HR Manager

Murray was engaged by our our business in late 2016 where the team needed support in leadership and safe delivery of projects for our customers. Since coming on board, Murray has supported all levels of the business from the CEO to the delivery teams on site, with improving their performance from a safety leadership perspective.
The feedback we have been getting from our customers is that we have had a marked improvement in performance. Practical and personable support is the at the core of Murray’s skills. We look forward to continuing support from Murray for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

Ian McLoughlin

General Manager Facility Maintenance, Saunders Construction

I sought the services of Inspire My Business because I was looking for an innovative approach to strengthen our team of staff to increase employee engagement and overall cohesion.
Through one on one consultation Murray provided me with tangible strategies to build on my leadership skills, articulate goals and put in place steps to achieve them.
The strength based workshops conducted by Inspire My Business provided our staff team with new insight into their unique strengths and abilities and how they can each capitalise on them to improve their work performance.

Catherine Heighton

Children Services Director

As Maintenance Operations Manager for UGL, I wanted to get the best out of my management and frontline supervision teams. Each supervisor had a unique skillset important to the operation, but each needed coaching and development to fully recognise their potential, and get them working together in common direction.
Through applying strengths based assessments, and working one on one with my staff, Murray was instrumental in helping each team leader understand how they could get the best from their respective teams, and drive performance improvements in each areas of the operation. I observed Murray’s unique approach based on understanding individuals first, and then helping them to realise their own strengths and how to apply these to their individual circumstances.
I would unwaveringly recommend Murray from Inspire My Business, to anyone needing a unique blend of individual coaching and workshop lead facilitation to bring out the best in you and your teams.

Andrew Sommerville

Operations Manager, Hunter Valley, UGL