How often do we sit down to plan out our weeks and/or days, but then struggle with motivation and discipline to actually get things done?

I have facilitated workshops and coached thousands of people through the application of their CliftonStrengths, and one aspect I particularly enjoy is helping them dial up their Strengths for productivity.

It goes a little something like this…

When we sit down to plan our week or day in our diary or planner, next to each task jot down one or two of your Top 10 Strengths that you can lean into to get it done. Think of it as which Strength needs to be in the drivers seat to maximise what you need to do. Then whilst you are completing the task, channel that Strength and bring it to the forefront.

Some examples (and these are only a few!) of Strength application for productivity include…

Responsibility to stay accountable to a project timeline (or to keep others accountable!)

Maximizer when reviewing content creation/marketing activities.

Input, Context or Analytical when researching or working with spreadsheets, projections, budgets, etc.

And let’s not forget Activator and Focus, which when channelled can really dive in and get things done.

Now, if none of your top Strengths are particularly applicable to the task, start to look to your networks and see who may have a top Strength that would lend itself well to what you need to do. Seek their advice on how they would apply it, or even do a bit of a Strength-swap… “If you help me with your Maximiser on this task, can I use my Responsibility to help you keep accountable to something else?”

Additionally, being aware of your dominant strengths that may get in the way of completing the task, that need to be dialled back a little. For example… Is deliberative leading to over-thinking and inaction or conversely is Activator leading to jumping in and not weighing up the risks of the task?

Remember to do a weekly reflection on how you were able to apply your Strengths to your to-do list. This is also a great exercise to reinforce how you are utilising knowing your Strengths, and could unlock some insight into what other areas of your life that your Strengths can be dialled into.

I’ve had a number of conversations on the podcast about channelling certain Strengths for tasks, a few episodes that come to mind are Episode 90 with Dana WilliamsEpisode 72 with Chris Miller and Episode 14 with Doug Bacon.

I’d love to know if you consciously apply your Strengths when doing certain tasks, and if your productivity and sense of flow has increased as a result.

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