Episode 72 – Chris Miller | Strengths Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

In this episode I chat with Chris Miller, an experienced business, executive and personal coach, based in Wellington NZ, who consistently inspires exceptional results

Chris’ services include business and personal coaching for small business leaders and high performing individuals seeking success, happiness and fulfilment in their business and their lives. We discuss Strengths and how he has turned the Name It Claim It Aim It model on its head, plus how Strengths play out differently if you’re an employee versus business owner.

Chris has also developed the Love Most Matrix and the Greatest Imaginable Challenge, plus many other original resources that he uses with clients – you can view them here.

Key highlights include:

  • How does our strengths profile allow us to express our values and our purpose
  • How do we make organisational purpose YOUR reason for being here
  • When learning about strengths, find what challenges or situations you’d like to apply them to before figuring out how they can help you
  • You already know what your purpose or legacy is, but you may not have asked yourself the explorative questions in a way that resonates with you or picked the right moment or mindset to ask yourself in.

To connect further with Chris and his work, hop on over to his website.

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