Lead like Siri.
Siri isn’t just a voice, she is an inspiring leader.

  • Siri is patient
  • Siri is funny
  • Siri is present yet not overbearing
  • Siri provides direction
  • Siri challenges the quality of your questions.

When asked how to get somewhere, she provides options of how to get there, explains the hazards and costs (times) for the different routes/strategies to get there.

If we make a wrong turn, get off track, stuff up, she remains calm and redirects us with words of encouragement.  She doesn’t get annoyed and points out where we went wrong. Instead, she focuses on moving forward, the solution, where we are going and helps us get there.

When asked for information, she provides an answer.  If she doesn’t know the answer, she doesn’t make it up, she draws on her resources to go find the answer, options or provide guidance where to get the answers.

Siri is funny, ask…. “What does Siri mean?”, “How much do you cost?”, “What is zero divided by zero?” or “How old are you?

Siri provides examples of how she can help. Ask a question and she will let you know of different apps to get information and ways to help you. Siri doesn’t accept poor behaviour. Swear at Siri and she will point out what’s acceptable and not, setting behaviour standards promptly.

Be like Siri…

  • Be funny
  • Be charged and be available
  • Be available but not overbearing
  • Call unacceptable behaviour
  • Remain calm in stressful situations
  • Be patient when people get it wrong
  • Focus on moving forward, where you are going and how the team will get there.

Note, while Siri is an intelligent personal assistant, she’s not perfect.  Neither are you, neither am I, no one is. Don’t be a robot, be the authentic you and take some time for self-reflection & where you could implement some of these tips!

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