Episode 67 – Lockdown Leadership | Individualization

Across this 5-part podcast series, I chat with Becky Hammond from Isogo Strong and unpack some common leadership themes that we have seen stand out during this crisis. As we’ve coached and worked with leaders over the past several months, themes have emerged where the best leaders are thriving and implementing changes to successfully take their team and organisation forward. These themes include Grace & Kindness, Communication, Individualization, Clarity, and Selfcare.

In this episode, we focus on INDIVIDUALIZATION. The need for tailoring the way we show up for different people, how we communicate with them, and how we can adjust their working life during these times. 
Gallup states that the best managers are those who individualize, and during this conversation Becky and I unpack just how to do that effectively.
Key highlights include:
  • People aren’t assets, they’re humans.
  • Know your people, but have boundaries – leaders aren’t counsellors.
  • Be prepared to adjust your direction once you know where people are at.
  • If we consider that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, consider that the way your team is currently working – their new habits – have been in place for over 90 days.
Actionable steps to take from this episode:
  • Ask yourself, are you managing people to a job description?
  • When deciding which of your workforce works from home and which come to the facility, switch your thinking from ‘who do we need at work’ to ‘who needs to be at home right now’.
  • If short on time, can you do one-word check ins at the beginning of a meeting? This will give insight into the team member’s headspace, but without them having to go into detail.
  • Ask your team members, what parts of this new way of working do they want to continue in the future?
These conversations with Becky are always valuable, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from the other side of the world. I hope you follow along with this series here on the podcast as we get into the themes that have shined through the best leaders in this time of lockdown.
If you gained inspiration from this episode then you will love our program, Leaders Who Give a Damn, where we take these concepts even further.
In the next conversation of this series, we will be delving into Clarity and how it positively impacts Leadership.

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