Episode 56 – Luke Jamieson | The power of gamification

In this episode I chat with Luke Jamieson, founder and CEO of PLAYFULLi.

Luke is an expert in gamifying employee experiences to support diversity and foster positive cultures that drive sustainable success. His approaches have attracted many coveted awards and has helped shape some of Australia’s largest organisations customer and employee experience programs.

We discuss how gamification can be a game changer for your business, especially when it comes to KPIs and repeatable behaviours. Luke is an advocate of making it competitive but not with unhealthy competition. Traditional KPIs focus on who will be ‘the best’, which only benefits the short term.
We should be focusing on community, building a network, socialising, enhancing product knowledge and/or being a subject matter expert. We need to recognise and reward that aspect too.

Key episode highlights include:

  • We are currently in a global ‘work from home’ experiment, and it’s time to find out ways to help people master their roles and find purpose.
  • The five love languages do translate into the work environment and in the way we like to receive recognition. You need to identify what people are motivated by.
  • Create an environment where someone is competing against themselves, not others.
  • Our systems are only as good as our attitudes.

As a special offer to listeners of this podcast, playfulli are offering an exclusive opportunity to experience 3 months usage of enerjoy, an AI-based gamification platform, for free. To take advantage of this offer, simply email your details to  hello@playfulli.com with the subject inspire.

You can further connect with Luke on Twitter or LinkedIn, check out his website over at PLAYFULLi and review his latest blog post.

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