Episode 55 – Tammy & Murray Guest | 10 Tips for working from home

In this episode, I catch up with my wife Tammy to discuss tips for working from home.

We have been running our businesses from home for a number of years (me 8 years, Tammy 5 years) and we have learned some things that work and don’t. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic right now, so many people are suddenly needing to work from home and our hope is these 10 tips make things easier for you!


  • Discuss the arrangements with family or your flatmates
  • Create a routine
  • Work with the energy and environment of different rooms (e.g. home office, lounge room, outside areas)
  • Move and stretch
  • Setup your work area ergonomically
  • Set up wifi rules
  • Be realistic on your goals
  • Be kind to yourself & others
  • Communicate needs and timetable
  • Have alone time, connection time

Bonus tip – Reach out to your work colleagues and team-mates!

You can find out more about what Tammy does at www.tammyguest.com too!

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