Episode 5 – Amy Mingin | Naturopathic Yoga & Women’s Health

An inspiring chat with Amy Mingin, naturopath, mum of two and creator of Naturopathic Yoga.

I loved discussing Amy’s journey to becoming a naturopath and the development of her signature programs. Amy has really embraced her strengths to be her best self and really connect with her clients. This is a great discussion for people wanting to understand the impact a strengths-based focus can really make in their business.
Amy’s Top Five CliftonStrengths are:
Relator – Activator – Futuristic – Individualisation – Significance
Key highlights include:
  • Following the feeling and not the details when it comes to your life purpose
  • Why filling your own cup as soon as you wake up is the best way to set yourself up for success
  • Tuning into your daily needs (hint: they often change everyday!) and the best way to recharge your batteries for the afternoon
  • Opening up about the light and dark sides of your top strengths, and owning all aspects of this.

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