Episode 38 – Heading into the Roaring 20s | Luke Bayly

Strengths Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Energy Expert

In this episode I chat to Luke Bayly, who shares his highlights of the last decade and predictions of the next.

Luke Bayly walks us through some highlights of his last decade, including how he jumped from teaching to carpentry to now being a Strengths coach, where he facilitates others through the process that changed how he saw himself and connected with the world.
He generously takes us through his journey of learning to valuing people more, and how he opened up his home to another three children that weren’t his own – equalling 7 children in total – and how his time as a carpenter added more ease in this transition.

Key episode highlights include:

  • A key to creating more understanding with others and yourself is to introduce your themes before they introduce you, so we can view each other with more respect, appreciation and gratitude.
  • Go out and try things – have loads of new experiences to find out what works for you. Elimination of misaligned experiences is the key to figure out what your purpose is.
  • You want to make the best of your work, the most of your work (Marcus Buckingham).

Key lessons from the last decade:

  • We would not be who we are without each of our experiences. But we’re more a product of our choices and commitments than our environment.
  • You are your character, not your thoughts and emotions.
  • Create the future – don’t wait for it.
  • Quit early, learn fast, don’t take it personally.
  • Learn from success! Not just failure. (When we succeed, we often switch off or get lazy).
  • Engage, deep and real.
  • Take responsibility for your own actions, motivation, character and future, but don’t expect others to.

What Luke predicts the next decade will hold:
Human development leading to a major shift in careers and work culture. The ones who step outside of society’s expectations and norms and embrace their unique talents and calling will thrive, establish their contribution – then reinvest their extra energy and resources in the community. Bigger picture.

Luke’s personal goals for the next decade:
To start writing books, speaking and working internationally. Travel with family.
More running and bike riding, probably take on an Ironman triathlon.
No more renovating!

Luke’s final message:
Be you, multiplied. Not what someone else projects or expects of you. When we contribute from our passion and live in our Strengths, we empower each other to do the same; and we multiply each others’ energy, power, effectiveness.

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