Businesswomen at Work

IMB Skyrocket is a 6 month mastermind program for health practitioners and entrepreneurs.

On the surface its about business and networking.

But really its about how to live a life you love from what are passionate about, and get well paid for it.

Its designed for people who know so much about how to heal people, but struggle to know how to grow their business.

By the end of the program you will know how to:

–       Get more clients not just your ideal client

–       Structure your ideal business model

–       Understand your numbers

–       Make more money

–       Use structure and systems to save time and money

–       Boost your profile online and offline

–       Get more clients from being on-line

–       Write a newsletter

–       Film a video

–       Use big business concepts to boost your small business

–       Get more clients using relationships and referrals

–       Live a life you are truly inspired by without getting burnt out.

And best of all you’ll have the experience of being successful AND helping all the people you were put here to help.

You’ll also have 3 mini holidays with an amazing intimate group of women that get you.

Grab your lap top and plane tickets and get ready to boost not only your patients/clients but you business too.

The IMB 6 month Skyrocket Mastermind Program opens for registration on July 15th.

Email for your application