I’m not sure where the concept of having a word for the year started, however a few years ago I was inspired by friends and colleagues, who had found it helpful. The aim is to identify a word to underpin and motivate your approach in the year to help you achieve your goals.

Previously I’ve use words like IMPACT, COURAGE, FLOW and JOY.

As designed, I’ve found the process of embracing a word has helped me align my actions and then re-focus when I get off-track to achieve my personal and business goals.

I’m also mindful of something Oprah said once in an interview, around being careful what word you put out there, as the universe will throw at you plenty of opportunities to test your word! I felt this when COURAGE was my word – lots of times to prove my courage. When IMPACT was my word in 2018, well I broke my neck, hitting a tree on my mountain bike. Maybe I’m reading too much into it 😉

Earlier this year, whilst on a ride, my word for 2020 came to me.


It’s simple but I’m finding it a very effective way to keep focussed. I’ve got a range of business, personal and health goals in 2020. This word motivates me to identify and take action on moving towards these goals EVERYDAY. I’m asking myself questions everyday like…

How am I being fully present for my family?
How can I show the ones I love today?
How am I living my values today?
What conversations do I need to have today?
What client can I serve today?
What action can I take today to grow my business?
Today… have I had enough water, drank no more than 2 cups of coffee, taking my supplements, moved, stretched, laughed, been grateful?

EVERYDAY – Is not just helping me achieve my goals but show up being the person I want to be.

What’s your word for 2020? I’d love to know!

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