Branding is the term used for the ‘Look and Feel’ of your business.

The branding in your business is an extension of YOU.

Think about the major brands you love, not the product or service… the actual brand.

My standouts include Apple, Virgin Airlines and Philosophy.

Now Apple is not necessarily a better computer than Microsoft or IBM, but the ‘feeling’ when you go in the store, the feeling you get when you open the box and how you feel when you tell other people about it, the feeling when you hear Steve Jobs’ speeches. That is all branding.

My first flight on Virgin America was like getting into a nightclub in the sky. The new safety brief video is a musical extravaganza. This is all branding, and Richard Branson as the leader at the helm also matches this branding. Always seen with busty blondes and out of the ordinary launches.

So what do you want to portray to your potential customers? What do you stand for? Is it Nature, Science, Art, Politics, Energy… is it clinical, feminine, professional, inspirational, safe, nurturing, elite…

A fantastic question my graphic designer asked me when we were designing a ‘look and feel’ for my naturopathic business was ….

What type of car would you or your business be, if you were a car?

Great to nail down some descriptive words to get you thinking….

So what type of car would you be?

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