Episode 9 – Jason Knight

Blending HR + Marketing Jason Knight is the founder and creative brains of Moved by Design, a design consultancy, specialising in UX and EX. He has spent over 15 years creatively blending strategy and brand identity into powerful communications, for growing brands and engaging employees. We discuss how Jason has embraced his strengths and he shares key tips to help you transform your corporate learning culture.

Moved By Design transforms boring L&D into a people-first culture where strategic, customised corporate learning and coaching builds talent, brains and businesses.
In this episode Jason discusses how he has embraced his strengths and shares these key tips to help you transform your corporate learning culture:
  1. Make it short: The attention span of the average adult is now just 8 seconds. Nearly 2/3 of people prefer their videos under 60 seconds.

  2. Make it visual: The human brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
  3. Make it entertaining across multiple channels: Video watching accounts for 74% of all online traffic. Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more often than any other kind of content. And over HALF of all web pages are served to mobile devices.
  4. Make it interactive, using new technologies: Up to 70% of passively consumed training content is forgotten within 24 hours. But adaptive learning systems, like virtual reality, can improve retention and cut training time by up to 50%.
  5. Make your team members into thought leaders via social media: 65% of customers will trust the personal recommendations of another human being more than a branded message. Yet 60% of Fortune CEOs don’t even have a social media presence.
Jason’s Top 5 Strengths are: Woo – Ideation – Communication – Positivity – Strategic.
In addition to the above, key highlights on this episode include:
  • If you understand the behaviours and desires of the end user – fears, frustrations, wants, desires, – you’re much more able to communicate clearer to them to meet their needs.
  • How we can leverage phone use better as a tool to connect, rather than an antiquated no phone policy in the workplace. We need to ask: Are we viewing people as productivity machines, or as learning vessels with freedom and choices?
  • Clarity comes when you understand your business goals, understand your audience and understand your brand attributes.
Find out more about the amazing work of Moved By Design and Jason’s creativity for your organisation and corporate learning – movedbydesign.com.au

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