Episode 88 – 2021 Success Map Series | Word for the year

Across this 5-part podcast series, I chat with co-facilitator of Leaders Who Give A Damn, Becky Hammond from Isogo Strong on how to create your success map to learn from 2020 and set your sights for success in 2021. We cover topics such as growth mindset, reflection, goal setting, actions, accountability & partnerships, and word for the year.

In this final episode of the series, we dive into your word of the year – again using the supportive Success Map 2021 resource as we go.

The ‘word of the year’ concept has been around for a really long time (even as far back as the 1940s) and for good reason! It is an intentional theme, an anchor word, to take you through the year and keep coming back to. But if it hasn’t dropped in yet, don’t despair! Think of the process of figuring out your word as an invitation, not a pressure.
We end on inviting you to bring your word into each day by asking a reflection question: How am I being *insert word* today?

Key points:

  • Let your word of the year just drop in – don’t force it
  • Your word of the year doesn’t necessarily need to be an action-based one – it could convey that you need more space
  • Allow your word of the year to inspire you and shift your energy
  • Bring your word into daily action via the process of reflection.
To create your own 2021 Success Map, head over to the Leaders Who Give a Damn website for the free resource which contains the workbook for this podcast episode.

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