Episode 87 – 2021 Success Map Series | Actions & Accountability

Across this 5-part podcast series, I chat with co-facilitator of Leaders Who Give A Damn, Becky Hammond from Isogo Strong on how to create your success map to learn from 2020 and set your sights for success in 2021. We cover topics such as growth mindset, reflection, goal setting, actions, accountability & partnerships, and word for the year.

In this episode, we delve into actions, accountability and partnerships. Like the last few episodes, we will walk you through this one using the Success Map 2021 workbook.
We speak about how to chunk down goals with tangible steps, the differences between accountability and support, plus how we need to use discernment when choosing the things we want to action.

Key points:

  • Big goals need to be chunked down to actionable baby steps
  • Goals don’t just get met by being out there
  • Doing ALL of the things just makes every day overwhelming
  • You need to enjoy the process of achieving your goals.

To create your own 2021 Success Map, head over to the Leaders Who Give a Damn website for the free resource which contains the workbook for this podcast episode


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