Episode 86 – 2021 Success Map Series | Goal Setting

Across this 5-part podcast series, I chat with co-facilitator of Leaders Who Give A Damn, Becky Hammond from Isogo Strong on how to create your success map to learn from 2020 and set your sights for success in 2021. We cover topics such as growth mindset, reflection, goal setting, actions, accountability & partnerships, and word for the year.

In this episode, we dive deep into goal setting and walk you through the Success Map 2021 workbook on this.

It’s proven that people who set goals are happier, healthier, feel a higher sense of achievement and gain more momentum, self assurance, and self esteem. We look at what areas you should consider having goals in, the beauty in being really specific and clear in what you want, and why self care needs to be in there too.

Key points:

  • Have a mixture of smaller goals and stretch goals
  • Visualise to enhance your goal clarity
  • Being the best version of you should always be in your goal list
  • Bring other people on board to help you achieve your goals.

To create your own 2021 Success Map, head over to the Leaders Who Give a Damn website for the free resource which contains the workbook for this podcast episode.


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