Episode 82 – Minter Dial | Authentic Leadership (You Lead)

In this episode I speak with Minter Dial, a fellow podcaster and author who’s passionate about bringing about change through business and leadership. Minter boosts a 16 year career as a top exec at L’Oreal, involvement in 3 startups, award-winning producer and author of three published books.

Minter and I look at how being yourself makes you a better leader, and this discussion is filled with personal anecdotes as we break it down to pro-personal-private when it comes to the fine balance of being personal in a professional space. We also look at ways for leaders to be more human while delivering results (cue the 7 second hug theory!) and story swapping on how open perspectives, communication and empathic actions can benefit the workplace culture.

Key episode highlights:

  • Where can we have more grace and kindness for each other. 
  • If you’re doing things that are bringing back energy to you, then you’re tapping into something bigger.
  • By being vulnerable and showing emotion, you give others permission to do so as well.
  • Be the person that makes others feel like they’re the most important person in the world, in that moment.
  • The importance of experiment to experience – do it, go where you’re uncomfortable but forge forward anyway.
  • As much as you want to be you, you still need to recognise the feelings that you can have, understand how you are operating and the room you have to move in.

If you want to connect with Minter, you can find him on LinkedIn or via his website where you can also purchase his books.  

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