Episode 80 – Ben Bateman | Building a Strengths-based culture at Little Miracles

In this episode I chat with Ben Bateman, head of people and culture for Little Miracles Childcare, father, husband and self proclaimed adrenalin chaser. 

Ben’s professional life has always centred around people development but has spanned many roles, including 8 years as a chaplain at a state high school, 6 years as a youth pastor in Australia and the USA and 10 years of professional development and management in his family run business across 10 locations.

This conversation really focuses on the significant impact that Strengths has had on the Little Miracles business through discovery, awareness and development of staff talents, both personally and professionally. We also delve into Ben’s experience with using the professional development course Transformational Leadership, along with creating his own personal development course Wholehearted, based on work by Brene Brown, Russell Brand, Richard Rohr and others.

Key episode highlights include:

  • The overextension of our Strengths can often be our weakness
  • Build trust through open communication, kindness, self compassion and empowering others
  • Use dialling up and dialling down of Strengths as safe dialogue and a performance tool
  • Broken people break people, whole people help bring healing to others 
  • Linking Strengths, professional development and coaching helps to determine expectation and drive clarity.

If you wish to learn more about Ben and Little Miracles, you can view the website here, listen to his podcast or checkout the YouTube channel

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