Episode 76 – Elena Pastore | Strengths-based Coach & Contractor

In this episode I chat with Elena Pastore, an aspiring strengths coach who has a passion for people development. Her current roles in marketing and business helps people understand their areas of strength and inhabit a growth mindset.

We discuss Elena’s multiple roles in the workplace, her passion around changing the antiquated education system, social media and re-confirmation of belief, and how to embrace a growth mindset (especially during 2020!). We also touch on how Elena leads with the Strengths WOO and Includer, and how that has helped shape her connection and relatability with others.

Key episode highlights include:

  • The most successful people are the ones who are emotionally intelligent
  • The best way to cultivate a growth mindset is to create self awareness – look internally and get vulnerable with yourself
  • You cannot force someone to have a growth mindset
  • Let’s not wait for a crisis to start looking after ourselves.

To connect further with Elena, you can find her on LinkedIn or over at her website.


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