Episode 7 – Jeffrey Allen (Tapping into your Energy)

In this episode we explore Jeffrey’s top 5 strengths and his work as an energy healer. He shares practical tips to help you tap more consciously into your energy and the impact that can have in your life and your relationships.

Jeffrey Allen is a popular Mindvalley author and speaker, a powerful energy healer, and a pioneer in online energy training. Jeffrey has taught thousands of people how to harness the power of their own energy & awareness – to improve their relationships, deepen their spiritual connection, and increase their personal presence, happiness, and impact in the world. Jeffrey’s mission is to make energy work & higher awareness available to everyone – so we can each unburden ourselves from needless conflict & pain, and embrace happy, fulfilled lives of true passion, purpose & meaning.
Jeffrey’s Top Five CliftonStrengths are:
Strategic – Futuristic – Connectedness – Relator – Communication.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • How to turn productivity from pressure and go-go-go, to slowing down internally and actually getting more done.
  • Why our beliefs should be based on our personal experiences, not what we are influenced by.
  • Proof means you can repeatedly do something and get results – proof doesn’t mean you have to understand it.
  • We are all connected; it is the mindset of separation which is causing the deep issues we are having.
  • The slower you start to move inside, the faster things happen outside.
Find out more about Jeffery’s work at www.iamjeffreyallen.com and www.facebook.com/jeffreyallen.training/

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