Episode 69 – Lockdown Leadership | Self-Care

Across this 5-part podcast series, I chat with Becky Hammond from Isogo Strong and unpack some common leadership themes that we have seen stand out during this crisis. As we’ve coached and worked with leaders over the past several months, themes have emerged where the best leaders are thriving and implementing changes to successfully take their team and organisation forward. These themes include Grace & Kindness, Communication, Individualization, Clarity, and Self-care.

In this episode, we focus on SELF-CARE. The need for prioritization of self to show up better for others and yourself, and how it is often the first thing to go when things get busy.
We also discuss how self-care is beyond just the physical and how it includes mental, emotional and the spiritual. Importantly it’s also about self-reflection, and giving yourself that time to unplug and process – or your health can suffer later.
Key highlights include:
  • Self-care doesn’t change the busyness, but it changes your perspective and outlook so you can show up better for yourself and your team.
  • Self-care isn’t selfish. It gives you time to process, self-reflect and regenerate.
  • No-one wants the burnt-out version of you.
Actionable steps to take from this episode:
  • Where is your third space? Take the time to reinvest in this.
  • Make your self-care time non-negotiable – schedule it in, create boundaries and show up for yourself.
  • Give yourself a mental break – you can only control what you can control.
  • Ask your team, how are they investing in their own self-care this week?
These conversations with Becky are always valuable, she brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration from the other side of the world. I hope you follow along with this series here on the podcast as we get into 4 more themes that have shined through the best leaders in this time of lockdown.
If you gained inspiration from this episode and the rest of this special podcast series then you will love our program, Leaders Who Give a Damn, where we take these concepts even further.

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