Episode 62 – Chris Dhu | Leadership in a Crisis

In this episode I chat with Chris Dhu about all things risk, response, learning agility and leadership.

Chris currently is Head of Fleet at Essential Energy, and has led the Fleet Asset Management Transformation Program, improving the balance of performance, risk and cost across the function and improving the value delivered to customers in the course.
Chris’s top 5 Strengths are Self Assurance, Futuristic, Belief, Achiever and Responsibility which we can see shine through on this podcast episode.

We discuss work/life balance and why that concept needs to change, the response efforts with the late 2019 bushfires and then heading into COVID-19, and how to better manage attention especially when working virtually. We also explore the concept of risk leadership and how the businesses that manage risks day in day out have generally had better response management to COVID-19.

Key episode highlights include:

  • Ego can be destructive when it’s not consistent with purpose
  • The reflect learn and grow cycle is what builds response agility
  • We can’t ‘act’ our way into an attitude
  • Review your organisation’s vision, objective and purpose – how do those words resonate with you and are they consistent with your values? If they are, leadership is more authentic.

We finish off the episode with Chris’s response to our essential Inspired Energy definition: Energy that is unlocked through alignment and commitment to a purpose, powered by vision and consistent with one’s values.

To connect further with Chris, you can find him on LinkedIn.

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