Episode 61 – Aaron Kearney | Journalist & Director of AKS Media

In this episode I chat with Aaron Kearney, a multi-award-winning broadcaster, photo-journalist, and sports commentator. The Director of AKS Media International, Aaron is in demand across the globe for his experience in broadcasting, commentary, storytelling and innovation.

We cover a range of topics during this episode, including sports and the similarities between the game of sport and the game of life, being a student of humanity, the importance of critical thinking, and unpacking the use of media and the effects it has on human beings.

Key episode highlights include:

  • You’ve heard ‘you are what you eat’ – well you also are what you consume in the media. Put some fibre in your intellectual diet.
  • Two of the most critical resources that any individual can have is to understand and execute critical thinking, and to have high levels of media literacy.
  • Journalism is about being infinitely interested in everything – like a Labrador puppy!

We’ll leave you with Aaron’s poetic description of Inspired Energy,
It is the offspring produced when dreams and determination have a passionate affair.

To connect further with Aaron and his incredible work, find him on TwitterInstagramFacebook and LinkedIn.

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