Episode 60 – Daniel Turner | Head North Films

In this episode, I chat with Daniel Turner, a self-taught videographer, drone operator, motion graphic animator, and photographer based on the Gold Coast. I’ve got to know Daniel through his amazing work on Tammy’s programs and the NatEx conference. Check out the highlights here – NatEx 2020. Daniel brings his passion and professionalism to everything he does, working with both small and large businesses.

We chat about how COVID-19 has affected his business, especially as most of his work is event-based and requires travel. We also cover the positive use of drones, commitment to your goals despite lockdown, and how he has changed his focus from work hard, play harder to stay positive and pivot.

Daniel generously shares his top tips when it comes to using video in a professional space:

  • Even though video is visual media, 50% of it is audio. Don’t forget to spend just as much time and effort on that too. If you don’t have a high quality mic, small rooms that are carpeted are best (like your wardrobe) so audio doesn’t bounce around.
  • Take a seemingly flat image and make it alive by using a few pops of light.
  • Don’t shoot where your window is in the background – have the light always in front of you.
  • Look at the camera, and if you’re taking part in an online/video meeting – look at the person on the other side just as you would in-person.

To connect further with Daniel, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram, plus make sure to check out his business Head North Films.

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