Episode 6 – Mat Cowdroy (Productivity Ninja)

In this episode Mat Cowdroy shares tips and insights to set yourself up for success through daily habits and discusses some of the key characteristics of being a Productivity Ninja!

Owner of Think Productive Australia and long time friend, Mat Cowdroy and I chat about starting his business and his passion for people enjoying their work and with less stress, sharing many insights about success through daily habits and productivity.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with your to-do list – fit in what you choose to fit in
  • Start the day with a really clear list of priorities – maximum 5 things that are must-do
  • Morning rituals are really important, as well as starting your work day with a clear, uncluttered space
  • Utilising a power hour for productivity
  • Psychology before technology – is this app/system really going to help or will it be double handling?
You can find out more about Mat over at Think Productive Australia.

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