Episode 58 – Kerry Dover | Momentum Architects

In this episode I chat with Kerry Dover, fellow Strengths coach and founder of Momentum Architects.

Right now business as we know it is not the same, and in this episode we discuss how to stay motivated and keep momentum going. Some key ways are – build a great routine, work on your mindset, be kind to yourself, and experiment with your own time v energy management.
We also discuss Kerry’s Strengths (her Top 5 are Strategic, Achiever, Includer, Activator, Focus), complementary Strengths within relationships, and why two people with the same dominant strengths may not necessarily see eye-to-eye.

Key episode highlights include:

  • To build a great business you need strategy AND strengths.
  • Routine, habits and accountability are keys to keep momentum right now.
  • Skills such as self management and regulation of your energy and time will have more weighting now than what they’ve previously been given.

To connect further with Kerry, jump on over to Momentum Architects, listen to her podcast or follow on Instagram.

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