Episode 57 – Antonia Milkop | Strengths-based Coach (NZ)

In this episode I chat with Antonia Milkop, a fellow Strengths coach, based in NZ.

We discuss the three mindsets that she is seeing during the COVID-19 health crisis – the rabbits in the headlights, the hyper-focused/productive workers, and the ones thinking ahead to the future and how to pivot and grow in a 2.0 economy.
We also chat about how the current climate is bringing out both the light and dark side of people’s Strengths, and the ways to work around that.

Key episode highlights include:

  • During this time of social/physical distancing, we miss out on being able to read body language in conversations and the energy in the room. We now need to slow down and ask more open questions to fill these gaps.
  • For those who are not having their Strengths ‘fed’ right now, pick a Strength’s theme for the day to lean on and allow it to serve you.
  • Use this time to really get to know your colleagues and team members – we are suddenly able to view each other more authentically in our own environments – kids and all!

To connect further with Antonia, visit her website or connect on LinkedIn.

The online strengths collaborative spreadsheet that Antonia mentioned can be found here.

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