Episode 54 – Julie Jones | Productivity Ninja

We are currently in the throes of COVID-19 – Coronavirus – and in this episode my discussion with Julie Jones is centred around how this virus could help us all innovate, create better work environments, and utilise productivity in a much better way.

Julie spent 30 years in senior marketing and strategy roles across a range of industries, before burning out, battling cancer – twice – and then switching the way in which she worked to that of a Productivity Ninja. She now helps others in converting dreams into action. We also chat about her love for scuba diving and how she has been able to view the recent bushfire effects on our underwater ecosystem – all our planetary ecosystems are interrelated.

Key highlights on this episode include:

  • When it comes to the potential lockdowns and changing the way we work in the face of this virus, we really need to trust our people
  • Create a home work space that gives you a boost of energy, but that also honours your boundaries
  • Shift the thinking of ‘you are productive if you’re sitting at your desk 9-5’ to a more results-based culture. The most productive companies have moved to this model of working.

Plus, Julie’s top tips for productivity include:

  • Utilise the pomodoro technique – focused 25min sprint ON, 5min off.
  • Know what time of the day you’re the most productive and take advantage of that 
  • Set yourself small rewards – get x done, then you can have y.
  • Focus on attention management rather than time management
  • Set SMARTIE goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely, Inspiring, Exciting.

You can connect further with Julie at Think Productive, on LinkedIn, or on Facebook. Julie is also available to chat on 0434 115 755 or via email.


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