Episode 53 – Stef Loader | Passionate about rural NSW, company director, geologist and former mining executive

Stef Loader is a company director, geologist and former mining executive. Stef’s career has seen her work in seven countries, but now calls Orange, NSW home.

In this episode Stef and I chat about a range of different topics including the effects of the drought in central west NSW, how geology contains storytelling and engagement, and why we need human-centred design when it comes to technology.

Leadership also comes into play in this episode, as Stef showcases how her Positivity® strength is at the core of her leadership role. Your skills, abilities and capabilities as a leader don’t just develop when you’re leading people but they develop throughout your whole journey – including how they interplay with who you are as a human.

Key episode highlights include:

  • Why we need to listen to those intuitive gut feelings especially when it comes to our roles at work – where are you glossing over things? Be confident to question things.
  • You don’t have to be liked by everyone. Ask yourself, would you rather be liked or respected?
  • It’s not about the years of experience, it’s about the complexity of experience.

You can connect further with Stef on LinkedIn. And as the drought’s effect on both Central West NSW residents and tourism continues to create tough times, you can check out ways to help below:
Buy From the Bush
Buy a Bale
Rural Aid
Aussie Helpers

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