Episode 48 – Heading into the Roaring 20s with Brandon Miller

In this episode I chat with Brandon Miller, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next.

We speak about people leadership versus process/project leadership and why it is so important to learn our strengths in parenting and how to work that in with who our kids are.

Key episode highlights include:
I’m NOT in business for the business to own me.
People work for people, they don’t work for organisations.
True workplace satisfaction happens when work has become fun and the people have become family.
Part of an organisation’s competitive plan needs to include their developmental philosophy, their management training and practices, and becoming a “best of..” company.

Key lessons/achievements from the last decade:
Gallup certification, launched 34Strong, became a nationally recognised speaker and published a book. 
3 children successfully launched, married, and starting their families. 
25+ years of marriage, and renewed and reinvigorated his faith.
Learnt how to apply what he does professionally, to his home environment.

Next decade predictions:
The movement of Artificial Intelligence may diminish the human spirit. 
Disparity between the best workplaces and those which are willing to or wanting to understand the emphasis of being a great place to work. Migration toward and advancement of workplaces that challenge people to grow.
Call for people to be and work in their highest level of genius.
Humanity: A growing discontent with political processes and power mongers. Reaffirmation of core family emphasis, and interest and involvement of parents in the lives of their children. A realization for people to engage their faith in a higher power.

Personal goals for the next decade:
To publish 5 books, two of these planned for 2020 – Incredible Parent and Incredible Kids. 
Train 100,000 managers to be the best boss someone has ever had, certify 10,000 coaches to change the world one family at a time, successfully launch 4 kids, celebrate 35+ years of marriage, speak to 1 million people to play to their strengths, believe in the faith, build the best workplace, be the best boss.

Brandon’s final messages:
Believe you can, and failure is not final!

To connect further with Brandon, check out 34 Strong (business focus), Incredible Kids Movement (children focus) and Analyn & Brandon (parenting).

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