Episode 47 – Heading into the Roaring 20s with Zach Lohrisch

In this episode I chat with Zach Lohrisch, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next.

Zach is a human driven by the pursuit of learning and energetically collecting experiences – a theme that transcends every day.
Across this episode, we dive deep into the rise of the social enterprise – organisations that have a higher purpose versus those who don’t, and the shift that will happen when both consumers and employees will follow those organisations that they align with.

Key episode highlights include:

  • Token initiatives like table tennis in the lunchroom or casual Fridays mean nothing if organisations don’t make it about the people, and allow them to bring all their strengths to their role
  • As an employee, you also have the power to choose where you invest your talent
  • The idea of command and control management doesn’t work. The people’s expectations have changed for what they need from management in an organisation
  • Take the work seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.

Key lessons/achievements from the last decade:

  • Very steep learning curve – many mistakes!
  • Completed first triathlon
  • Seven different roles and different organisations
  • Meeting and marrying his wife
  • How walking 2000yr old ruins in Sri Lanka kickstarted his journey from being unfit to discovering CrossFit.

Next decade predictions:
Growing trend of consumers becoming more intelligent about where they put their resources. This not only includes where they spend their money, where they invest their time, where they invest their advocacy and to what extent they will be engaged in all of the above. Those who learn the lesson about providing experience vs a transaction will thrive in our future, while traditional business models will continue to be disrupted. People will gravitate to those who help articulate them articulate their own sense of purpose and meaning.

Personal goals for the next decade:
I love my work and will continue to invest in creating a better life for the people who choose to spend their time in the company I spend my time in – hopefully, broaden my influence to increase benefit in a large organisation. I am passionate about the intersection. My wife and I are working on a project around people’s health. Based on personal experience, a tonne of research and observations in practical application of theory, we believe that good habits around personal health and wellbeing are built from not only knowing facts about nutrition, sleep and exercise but having a specific mindset. We want to share these lessons with the world to help people expedite their journey to the life they love. Kristy’s deep passion and study into nutrition and my 10 years of leadership development experience combines to create a super practical and unique perspective on how to create good health and live a great life.

Zach’s final messages:
Find the right balance in your life.
We have many controllable factors in our lives and by investing deep into them, we can create amazing things in our lives.

To connect further with Zach, find him on LinkedIn.

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