Episode 45 – Heading into the Roaring 20s with Ken Barr Jnr

In this episode I chat with Ken Barr Jnr, where he shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next.

Ken leads with his Strengths front and centre – Input, Maximizer, Arranger, Woo, Learner – and today we discuss how those have not only weaved through his last decade, but how they may apply to the next decade, especially in the context of learning.

Key episode highlights include:

  • The discovery about what makes a student tick, makes teaching a whole lot more easier
  • Technology has created more opportunities for people to be connected.

Key lessons/achievements from the last decade:

  • Helping more than 18,000 people discover their Strengths
  • Maintaining relationships that have been so vital to what beings Ken joy
  • Being open to new opportunities
  • The power of mindset and perspective
  • Emotional regulation.

What Ken predicts the next decade will hold:
Technology and connections will increase the opportunities for people to help each other (in coaching, consulting, and beyond).

Personal goals for the next decade:
Teaching the next generation of facilitators, coaches and speakers, techniques which have been effective, of value to clients, energising and gaining great outcomes.
It is about scaling what Ken has done, but on a bigger scale.

Ken’s final message:
Better is better – always ask yourself, can I do it better? Is there a part of this that can be better? You need to WANT continuous growth and development.

To connect with Ken further, find him on LinkedIn.

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