Episode 44 – Heading into the Roaring 20s | Becky Hammond

In this episode I chat with Becky Hammond, where she shares insights from the last decade and predictions for the next.

Becky Hammond is an over-achieving Mompreneur, who is dedicated to making relationships easier. We speak about the importance of community, of how to integrate the low times into our story, and savouring what you have right now.

Key episode highlights include:

  • We need to embrace all elements – the ups and the downs – to create our full story
  • Intent counts for more than technique
  • When starting a new business, just set sail of your ship and adjust as you go. It doesn’t have to be epic from the start.

Key lessons/achievements from the last decade:

  • Started Isogo Strong in 2013 and learnt how to get vulnerable in front of the camera
  • Grew family from 2 to 7
  • Imposter syndrome can be healthy, keeps your ego in check
  • There is meaning and purpose in every life event – when it goes as planned and when it does not
  • Always celebrate what you currently have
  • If you don’t acknowledge the darker moments, your story is incomplete.

What Becky predicts the next decade will hold:
As people become less and less connected, we need to create a movement to be together, so there will be a strong focus on having and building community, wherever you are.

Personal goals for the next decade:
Becky wants to create meaningful communities within the family unit, fostering strengths-focused families that thrive.
Helping leaders grow, through virtual and live events.
In her personal family life, it’s about fostering the community at home as they move around the world together, looking for each others strengths and brilliance.
Staying focused on savouring the moments – through the next decade two of Becky’s five children will be entering adulthood.

Becky’s final message:
All is grace – live your own story.
The peaks and the valleys are all part of our story and they help us to grow if we allow them to.

To find out more about Becky, head to Isogo Strong or connect with her on Instagram.

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