Episode 41 – Heading into the Roaring 20s | Ian Donaldson

In this episode I chat with Ian Donaldson, where he shares his insights from the last decade and predictions for the next.

Ian is the founder of Rounded Consulting, and this conversation is very much about how well-rounded organisations need to become in the next decade. We also chat about the shifts into a customer experience focus, why nesting is a crucial part of life and how the typical organisation won’t exist at the end of the next decade.
Key episode highlights include:
  • By doing work on my own arrangement, I can be more of myself – which overflows into other areas of life
  • Once you relax around the timing of your goals, they start to come to you
  • We need to make workplaces better for people – with flexible working arrangements and the way teams interact with each other.
Key lessons/achievements from the last decade:
  • Learning the ability to reflect on achievements
  • Growth and clarity in purpose
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Established and grown a consulting agency
  • Moving back to Australia 3 years ago
  • The focus on nesting – setting himself up, renovations on the house and the business.
What Ian predicts the next decade will hold:
  • We have seen a shift from Business Process re-engineering, to transformation, to digital transformation and now to customer experience – we will see the further evolution of these concepts to an even more human focused working environment. We have broken the back of the technology puzzle, the human extension of that puzzle is next on the menu
  • The typical organisation shouldn’t exist by end of 2029
  • Flexible working won’t be just an option – it’ll be across the board
  • The need for services will be rapidly rethought. Clinical, educational, government systems is a work in progress and need to be revolutionised.
Ian’s personal next-decade goals:
  • Finish renovating and settle into his home, focusing on a sense of calmness and growing together with his relationship
  • Working with people that he just connects with
  • Building his personal and professional nest and reputation.
Ian’s final message:
It’s going to be ok – there is so much tension at the moment (professionally and personally), that is often created by the world we live in.
To connect and find out more about Ian, head over to his website.

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