Episode 40 – Heading into the Roaring 20s with Leanne Hughes

In this episode I chat to Leanne Hughes, where she shares her insights from the last decade and predictions for the next.

Leanne is a facilitator, runner and lifelong learner who values self development and reflection. We explore the notion of purpose and the lifelong search for it, the unexpected positive career move that came from relocating to a regional area, plus we unpack insights Leanne has developed through hosting 100 podcast episodes and the conversations that have flowed there.
Key episode highlights include:
  • Work harder on yourself than you do on your job (thanks Jim Rohn!)
  • Everything that we do in life serves a purpose but we just don’t know it until it happens
  • Reflect on your individual behaviour when it comes to issues like climate change – it doesn’t start with the government, it starts with us.
Key lessons from the last decade:
  • Continually search for your purpose but be aware of the commonalities that link together
  • The longest period you can plan for is only about a year ahead
  • Energy > Time
  • Embrace the uncertainty
  • Pickup on signals from your body when things don’t feel right and ask yourself questions to reflect on what may be going on for you.
What Leanne predicts the next decade will hold – as a collective:  
The irony that – as technology improves, face to face connections are needed more than ever.
Leanne’s personal next-decade goals:
  • Diversifying what she does and honing in on zone of genius
  • Channel her passion to stamp out the ‘presenteeism’ culture in organisations – we can deliver outside of our cubicle
  • Speaking in Bulgaria, and hanging out with Simon sinek afterwards!
Leanne’s final message:
Be kind to yourself, find your own lane and stick to it. 
Reflect and re-listen to this episode, and answer Murray’s questions yourself – what comes up?
You can find out more about Leanne on her website, or explore the insightful conversations on her podcast – First Time Facilitator.

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