Episode 39 – Heading into the Roaring 20s | Andrew Sloan

In this episode I chat with Andrew Sloan, who helps people upgrade for a faster future – so who better to chat with for this Heading into the Roaring 20s podcast series!

Andrew reviews the last 15 years in technology advances, and how he is concluding the next decade will play out. Biotechnology, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are all on his radar as major advances over the next 10 years.
He also explores the concept of ‘slow down to fast up’. We can sign up to the quickness and the pace around us and move closer towards activity and potentially not taking ownership, but the message here is that you are in control, you are an autonomous agent.
Most of us are in a space of being able to choose and take personal responsibility and accountability for our lives.
Key episode highlights include:
  • The key theme of how to be relevant to an uncertain and very complex future is to have a strong relationship with yourself. In a digital life, how can we become more human?
  • Sitting within us is ancient architecture on how to feel grounded and safe, with ourselves and each other. A key thing that people should explore is the connection between their head, their heart and their gut, as the core rhythm of that ancient architecture.
  • No matter how quick and fast paced and how much noise is around us, we can choose to be present, we can choose to slow down, and maybe that will help us move quicker and faster towards where we wish to head.
What Andrew predicts the next decade will hold:
Complexity and Uncertainty as two forces on our human experience from Day One but have ramped. We need to be experts on our own uniqueness and open up in collaboration with others’ uniqueness. More humanness as we approach our digital future.
To find out more about Andrew head to his website, or connect on LinkedIn.

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