Episode 37 – Heading into the Roaring 20s wit Murray Guest

Welcome to this new Inspired Energy podcast series – Heading into the Roaring 20s – where we showcase 15 conversations with coaches, leaders and consultants, who reflect on the last decade and anticipate what predictions may be happening in 2020.

In this first Roaring 20s episode, Murray looks back on his last decade covering work, business, relationships, family and wellness, and discusses his intentions in those areas for the coming decade.
Standout lessons:
  1. We need to listen to our body – it provides signals all the time, tune in and listen.
  2. Focus on your strengths – whether personal or professional, the impact with their application brings confidence .
  3. Consistency – whatever it is, show up consistently.
  4. Money mindset – being aware how it shows up both for yourself and others
  5. Be present to connect – as humans we have an inherent need to connect, and with current technology it is getting harder to stay present. Hone and practice this skill.
  6. Abundance – the abundance mentality is so important, especially in business
  7. The power of conversation – to influence the culture, the way in which you and others show up, whether in business or in life. Have the conversation BEFORE you need to have it.
  8. Sleep – getting enough of good quality sleep.
  9. Build your pack – are the people you associate with helping or hindering your success?
  10. Joy – vital for our overall wellbeing.
What are your top ten lessons learnt in the last decade?
Key links mentioned on this episode:
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