Episode 36 – Kate Smyth

Kate Smyth is an Olympian and naturopath who is passionate about supporting athletes around balance, performance and longevity.

In this episode I chat to Kate Smyth, an Olympian and naturopath who is supporting athletes by providing a holistic service tailored to their unique requirements, focused around balance, performance and longevity.
If you’re not a sporty person, please don’t discount this episode! There were so many parallels between life as an athlete, and the challenges we face in business and everyday life. Kate provided some amazing insights and practical examples of how she dealt with challenges in her running career and has then applied them to other aspects of her life, especially requiring performance.
We chat about Kate’s incredible journey from gaining 20kg on a European holiday to running 30km stints in six months, how Japanese runner Naoko Takahashi changed the course of Kate’s sporting career, and how to manage identity attachment when it comes to anything in life.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Take objective reviews of your performance and note down 3 things you did well and 3 things you could improve. This helps to keep momentum in moving forward.
  • Before any performance-driven task, utilise a ‘what if’ list – note down the possible negative scenarios and then the best case solutions.
  • If you’re operating at 100% all the time, you’re not giving yourself space for rest, recovery and adaptation.
To find out more about Kate, head on over to Athlete Sanctuary, or connect with her further on Facebook and Instagram.

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