Episode 35 – Eddie Enever

Edward Enever is a naturopath with a focus on supporting people physically, mentally and emotionally throughout their cancer journey.

In this episode I chat to Eddie Enever, a naturopath, meditation teacher and cancer survivor who is out there to spread a very important message surrounding stress, health and lifestyle.
Eddie shares with us his incredible cancer journey and how the key to getting well was all about changing how he was showing up in life and business – and he drops some truth bombs along the way.
We chat about the difference between acute stress and chronic persistent stress, the role of emotional coaching throughout a person’s cancer journey, plus hypothermic and hyperthermic treatments in the body and how they apply to different health situations.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • As humans we tend to jump into action when we can see and/or measure something, but when you can’t we can become complacent
  • When two humans become vulnerable within a conversation, that’s when big shifts happen
  • Breathwork needs to be your anchor whether it’s a physical, mental or emotional challenge.
To find out more about Eddie head to his website, or connect with him further on Facebook and Instagram.

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