Episode 34 – Wendy De Rosa

Wendy De Rosa is a Colorado-based intuitive healer whose mission it is to help people develop their intuitive system.

In this episode I chat with Wendy De Rosa, Intuitive Healer & Founder of the School of Intuitive Studies. We discuss what intuition actually is and how it happens, the difference between empathy and empathic intuition, and how social media has impacted on how people are awakening and seeking teachers in this area. We also explore the validation of intuition especially in the Western world driven by science, reason and intellect.
We touch on staying grounded and resilient with the frantic pace of life, and how by leaning into the front part of our body – trying to problem-solve life – we can get depleted. But if we learn to lean back into meditation and contemplation and filling up from source, that can give us the life-force energy for resiliency.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Consciousness is rising – more people are waking up to their abilities and gifts.
  • How cultivating a practice of grounding yourself is a way to tap into your intuition
  • So much self-care is needed to manage the intensity of what happens in business, so pausing becomes crucial to stay connected to yourself.
To learn more about Wendy and her courses head on over to the School of Intuitive Studies, or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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