Episode 33 – Leah Keogh

Leah Keogh is a Strengths-based coach based out of Seattle, Washington state. She works with teams and large groups on assessing and bringing out strengths to achieve peak performance in both individuals and organizations.

In this episode we chat about Strengths-based emotional development in teams, how Leah uses her strengths as a tool to intuitively figure out what teams and individuals need, and why using pre-work to answer questions before a team-based strengths exercise has been a game-changer for both facilitators, leaders and teams.
Leah’s top ten strengths are:
Connectedness, Positivity, Ideation, Input, Empathy, Futuristic, Belief, Individualisation, Developer, and Command.
Even though Positivity was the most surprising strength for Leah, it was Connectedness that had such a large emotional component to it. She sees the big picture, the dynamics, what’s emotionally happening for people – and she fits those puzzle pieces together. 
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • As a leader or manager, you need to ask yourself – how do you feel you’re showing up? Where are you successful? What areas could be running smoother?
  • When it comes to blindspots with your strengths, you need to look at who you need on your team to help you excel. How do we collaborate more for greater success?
  • Leadership strength is in knowing your team – your people – and many corporations are missing that people aspect. It’s not just about the numbers.
You can find out more about what Leah does over on her website LK Strengths, or connect with her further on LinkedIn.

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