Episode 31 – Jason Vidovich

In this episode, I chat to Jason Vidovich about human nature, vulnerability in leadership and the trends happening with our health in the quest for efficiency.

Jason is an Organisational Development (OD) consultant with over 15 years experience working within the disciplines of OD, Human Resources and Learning and Development. He has consulted in this discipline, working and living throughout Australia and across the world.
Throughout his travels, he has had some key awakenings about humans and their nature, both in work and play. At the core of it, people are people – no matter where you are in the world.
We discuss leadership and vulnerability, how to bring that out in others, and how the recipient of training and coaching needs to be ready and willing to learn. There’s been many cases when an organisation hires a coach for their employees, and some take that as ‘there’s something wrong with me’ – the notion of feedback needs to flip from negative to positive. And finally, the power of active listening and the magic of words.
Key highlights include:
  • Take action on the weak signals, rather than waiting for situations to get worse
  • We need to move past coaching as being seen as being implemented when you’re doing something wrong, and flip it to coaching being about helping you achieve your potential and unlock your performance
  • Start to draw inspiration from your own life, what you already know and who you already look up to. Use this to shape your leadership role and style.
You can find out more about Jason and his work over on his website – jvtc.

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