Episode 30 – Ciera Tyler | Growing up in a strengths-based home

In this episode I chat to Ciera Tyler, a dynamo who has a unique strengths-based upbringing. 

Ciera Tyler is a podcaster and public speaker, with a commitment to living a purpose driven life after growing up in a strengths based family.
Her strengths story is unique as Ciera actually discovered her Gallup strengths at the ripe old age of 12, through encouragement of her father – Strengths coach, Brandon Miller. Wise beyond her years, Ciera was able to hone her strengths before reaching adulthood and thus able to apply them with purpose from a very early age.
That’s not to say it was all easy! Throughout the podcast we discuss the challenges in knowing your strengths so young and how that shapes how you show up to your peers, as well as how you show up to classic school activities and events.
Ciera’s top 5 strengths are Competition, Activator, Communication, Strategic and Achiever.
Even though Ciera’s favourite strength is Communication as it’s given her purpose, she had to be coached through other Influencer strengths – especially Command – to be able to apply herself positively in leadership roles both in school and in her current role.
Other key highlights on this episode include:
  • Everyone needs to be approached differently, based on their individual strengths and lens that they see things through
  • Navigating deep relationships with others when majority of your top strengths lie in the Influencer domain
  • Just because you know your strengths doesn’t mean you don’t take responsibility for how you show up. It means you have extra responsibility to know how you may be perceived.
Connect further with Ciera over on her website or say hi on Instagram.

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