Episode 25 – Heidi Convery | Flourish Strengths Coaching

In this episode I have the privilege of chatting to Heidi Convery, a fellow Strengths Coach whose passion is putting purpose back in the workplace.

Heidi Convery is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and founder of Flourish LLC, a strengths-based coaching business focused on putting purpose back in the workplace.
In this episode we chat about why Heidi went into business for herself, her struggles with profitability and pricing your skills when YOU are the capital.
We also discuss how Heidi leads with Includer (her other top 5 include Activator, Learner, Input and Belief), and why she strongly feels that everyone needs to know how much they matter. It is with this that Heidi prefers to work with smaller organisations so that she can get to know and impact each and every person – it suffices to say she is creating a huge ripple effect with her work!
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • The purpose of a coach is not to be there forever, it is to teach you how to do it for yourself so that you can take charge of your development.
  • There is a need to get excited about WHO you are. It is not just who we are as an adult, but who we have always been our whole life.
  • Inspired energy is that fizzy feeling inside of us that bubbles up – like a carbonated drink. You need to tap into that.
To connect further with Heidi, visit her website or say hi on Instagram.

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