Episode 24 – TyAnn Osborne | Success Guide & Strengths Guru

In this episode TyAnn and I open up discussion on how to really live your strengths in both the workplace and in life. We cover topics from strengths based leadership to energy vampires to changing your environment to gain deeper perspective and resourcefulness.

TyAnn is a success guide and strengths guru, whose transformational strengths-based coaching and training empowers employees to discover the value of their unique abilities so they can become more engaged, build stronger relationships, and authentically show up in their daily lives.
TyAnn’s top Strengths include Maximizer, Significance, Learner, Communication and Futuristic.
We cover a lot of topics in this episode, with so many gems thrown in!
Including why TyAnn’s time at Dell was more valuable than her MBA, how getting out of your environment and existing in a different part of the world opens your mind to other ways of being and thinking, and we dive deep into energy vampires (and energy-sucking tasks) and what you can do to mitigate this.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Companies need to ask – what does good look like? What does great look like? How can we measure success in this? What would it look like a year from now if we haven’t addressed this issue?
  • Why the futuristic strength allows those gifted with it to see the future in a very tangible state, showing others how they can see the future beyond an initial hurdle.
  • Energy is like a bank account, it’s not infinite and it gets depleted. If you spend your energy in a negative ROI way, you’re not going to have energy for the awesome things in your life.
And we’ll leave you with TyAnn’s definition of strengths based leadership (as it’s epic!): 
How do I go from knowing my superpowers into how do I understand the superpowers of my team and harness those for the best possible result together. How do I step up my leadership so that it becomes servant leadership to them – I have no success without their success.
You can connect with TyAnn over on her website, on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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