Episode 22 – Leanne Hughes

Episode 22 brings Leanne’s insights on everything from making the leap from corporate to solopreneurship to driving influential and contagious experiences in workshops.

In this episode Leanne brings a contagious energy which you can see shines through in the facilitation work she does – she helps inspire other presenters to create engaging and impactful workshops and presentations and drive influential contagious experiences in our work world.
We talk tips and tricks for facilitating successful workshops, including how to make the most out of conferences as both speaker AND attendee, plus her journey from corporate to solopreneurship and why you need to integrate your ‘work’ hours in with the flow of your life.
A Harry Potter theme starts to emerge and we discuss how she turns muggles (people not yet exposed to her work) into wizards with all the tools needed to navigate and implement learnings back in the workplace.
We also open up the discussion on the similarities and differences between particular strengths being more prominent in certain countries – you can find out more here.
Leanne’s top 5 strengths are: Ideation, Maximizer, Futuristic, Activator and Positivity.
Key highlights on this episode include:
  • Why knowing your strengths can be super helpful in job interviews
  • If you want to make an impact, start by impacting the people that are directly reporting to you, start conversations and be a good human – the engagement and culture takes care of itself.
  • Why the key role of the facilitator is to create a space where everyone can get as much out of a workshop as possible
  • And why ‘inspired energy’ can be best described as the opposite of a Harry Potter dementor!
You can connect with Leanne further at leannehughes.com, on LinkedIn, Instagram or via email – leanne@leannehughes.com.

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